Revenue loss is no game


Application Protection for Gaming

Hackers love to clone popular games then collect subscription revenues from their cracked copies of the original. Protect the integrity of your game’s brand, assets, stories and characters. Arxan uses code protection against reverse-engineering, key and data protection to secure servers and fortification of game logic to stop the bad guys from tampering. Sorry hackers, game over.

Mitigate against revenue loss

  • Stop tampering with in-game purchasing systems, or unauthorized access to assets
  • Prevent a “clone” of the back-end server from being created and run independently of the game operator, stealing subscription revenues or facilitating play that devalues the franchise
  • Avoid production of free, cracked versions of  “for-pay” games

Protect integrity and the game economy

  • Prevent changing client functionality to benefit the hacker at the expense of legitimate clientele

Maintain your brand and game image

  • Stop vandalism of characters and stories
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How Arxan Secures and Protects Your
Mobile, IoT and Other Apps

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