Application Protection for Online Games


Arxan helps Game Developers and Publishers by:digital-gaming

  • Protecting your brand and game image
  • Protecting players and creating a level playing field in the game (by, for example, protecting player assets and securing game transactions)
  • Mitigating against revenue loss

More specifically, Arxan provides solutions that mitigate against the following risks to gaming businesses:

Cheating Cheating and the subsequent user impact on honest players is the biggest threat to the popularity and value of an online game. Tampering attacks are used to change client functionality to benefit the hacker at the expense of legitimate clientele. Examples include altering rendering routines to see more than allowed (e.g. through walls) or perform faster than humanly possible (e.g. use an automated program to calculate aiming).
Vandalism Vandalism is a significant threat to the value preservation of characters and stories.  For example, an iconic children’s character modified to engage in inappropriate behaviors with posting of a video to youtube
Private Servers For online MMO’s especially with peer 2 peer networks, attackers can completely model the behavior of a back-end server by analyzing client communications with the server, as well as internal client operations.  This then enables a "clone" of the back-end server to be created and run independently of the game operator, thereby stealing subscription revenues or facilitating play that devalues the franchise.
Protect Micro Transactions or “in-game” assets Tampering with in-game purchasing systems, or logic that enables access to purchased assets directly affects game title profitability.




A protected application reduces your risk of:

  • Confidential Data Theft
  • Unauthorized Access and Fraud
  • Brand and Trust Damage
  • Revenue Loss and Piracy
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • User Experience Compromise



The Security Landscape within Gaming

Multi-user online gaming is growing into the premier form of digital entertainment for the 21st century.  There are multi-what-is-video-game-addiction_1user games for every demographic, whether it be the enchanted worlds and playrooms of games like Disney Infinity® or the fast paced action of first person shooters like Call of Duty® multi-user gaming truly has something for everyone.

Unlike the dominant entertainment of the 20th century (movies and television), multi-user games are vulnerable to corruption of the very experience itself. 

  • Play can be debased by the use of various bots and hacks and the integrity of stories and characters corrupted.
  • In addition the presence of in-game purchase models exposes the game to other type of tampering that can impact revenue.

Cyber security is a fundamental element of deploying a multi-user game, and Arxan Technologies is a valued partner in providing the tooling and components necessary to preserve the integrity of the gaming experience.



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