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Technology Overview

Arxan technology protects over one billion app instances with application hardening to protect them from reverse engineering.

Application Protection

Arxan Application Protection delivers layered, adaptive application protection to secure application binary code, data and keys and JavaScript. Arxan application hardening protects apps through a combination of active and passive software techniques along with white-box cryptography to ensure key and data encryption. Integrating Arxan protection requires no changes to source code and is non-disruptive to software development lifecycles (SDLC).

Threat Analytics

Arxan Threat Analytics provides unique, real-time visibility into where, when and how apps are being attacked. Threat Analytics enables app developers to be proactive, responding to threats before they can be turned into attacks — minimizing risk, protecting the business and customers.

Enterprise App Management

Arxan’s Mobile Application Management, by Apperian, manages the access and use of business-critical mobile apps to keep data secure on managed or unmanaged devices — whether owned by employees, contractors and partners. Via an enterprise app store, Apperian-managed apps simplify enterprise-wide distribution and adoption, corporate governance and app lifecycle management.

Learn More About Arxan's Technology

Application Hardening

Application hardening is a process of taking a finished application and making it more difficult to reverse engineer and tamper.

App Security

App security refers to the practices and policies to shield high-value mobile applications from reverse engineering, tampering and other app-centri

Mobile Application Management

Mobile application management (MAM) refers to the workflow for security, governance and distribution of mobile apps in the enterprise.

White-Box Cryptography

White-box cryptography uses encryption, obfuscation, and mathematical transformations to secure keys and critical data inside applications running

App Code Obfuscation

Code obfuscation is transforming a software program into code that’s difficult to disassemble and understand, but has the same functionality as the

Enterprise App Store

An Enterprise App Store is an HTML or native iOS, Android, or Windows private app catalog for mobile workers in the extended enterprise to discover

Mobile Authentication

Mobile authentication establishes user authentication for the enterprise app store and for the mobile apps themselves without maintaining an entire

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

Arxan's application and mobile app protection solutions go beyond Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) by providing layered and adaptive app