Arxan Security Technology

Threats to Your Apps Know No Boundaries — Neither Does Our Innovative Security Technology

Our technology is just one reason why our solutions are protecting software running on more than a half billion devices throughout the world. There are three things that make our technology unique:
  • Robust threat protection tackles threats you never even knew existed. Both static and runtime protections safeguard the application against the most advanced attacks attempting to reverse-engineer and tamper with the app. Self-protection security controls (RASP) empower apps to defend themselves in today’s highly distributed and untrusted mobile and IoT environment. Our multi-layered “guards” not only proactively protect the application, but they also protect each other — eliminating the risk of experiencing a single point of failure.
  • Binary-based approach bakes in security smarts with speed. Binary code is the soft underbelly of applications fraught with vulnerabilities targeted by hackers. Unlike most other application security solutions, our protection is embedded into the binary of the application. We don’t touch your source code, which means there is no disruption to your development cycle.
  • Broadest platform support has you covered and frees your ability to scale. We know that unless you have complete coverage, you’re still exposed. That’s why our solutions cover the platforms you care about most — from Android and iOS to Java, .NET, and Desktop. We give you the app protection you need to scale with confidence.

Why Arxan?

  • Requires no changes to source-code — minimizing operational disruption
  • Automates the insertion of “guards” into applications — simplifying the process
  • Works with all major computing platforms — enabling you to scale
  • Utilizes a layered protection approach — eliminating a single point of failure
  • Bakes security controls directly into applications — empowering protection to “go wherever the app goes”; our protection has no networking component so protection is engaged even when offline
  • Involves randomized or variable security specs — eliminating the risk of having one successful hack be applied across other apps
  • Tailors the amount of protection per application — giving greater control over the protections you desire
  • Has been battle-tested for more than 15 years and is protecting some of the world’s highest-value software
  • Has a strong IPM lock on application protection technology with 10+ patents
  • Has been recognized with more than 20 industry awards over the past 2 years