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Magnus Mjosund, Product Manager at Apperian, joined me this week on the Life in the Mobile Enterprise (LiME) podcast to discuss app distribution. With many distribution methods available, Magnus says that organizations should base their decision off of two factors to determine what option is the best fit.

  1. User base - employees versus contractors - corporate owned versus personal devices
  2. Mobile apps - the number and type of apps being distributed

Whether it is one app that needs to be on the mobile devices of hundreds of contractors before an important event, or 5 apps containing sensitive data that needs to be distributed to users who already have a mobile device management system in place, security at the application level is crucial. Listen to Magnus share four real world examples of how companies approached app distribution in different ways with one thing in common -- they ensured mobile app security by applying policies via mobile application management. Examples of policies that can be applied to apps and distributed through any method include:

  • Authentication to control user access to the app
  • App usage to view analytics of how and when the app is being used
  • Self-updating app to ensure users have the most up-to-date version
  • Data wipe if the user should no longer have access to the app
  • Data-at-Rest Encryption
  • App-level VPN

Watch a demo to see Apperian's universal app distribution capabilities in action:


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Stand-alone mobile application management, which does not require device enrollment, is a robust platform with a broad range of capabilities around securing, managing and distributing mobile apps to any device regardless of whether it is unmanaged or managed via MDM.

Download the Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Management for a full checklist of capabilities:

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