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Arxan Threat Analytics

Detection and response capabilities are key to deterring app attacks, identifying bad actors and staying in front of the evolving threat landscape.

Visibility & Intelligence

Threat Analytics is an integrated monitoring service that provides visibility into the security posture of protected applications. Threat Analytics is seamlessly deployed with all Arxan protection solutions — with a zero-configuration initial setup that does not disrupt continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD), and DevSecOPs environments. Threat Analytics delivers timely intelligence from the moment an app is downloaded to help organizations quickly understand the difference an apps current threat posture.

  • Identify compromised devices and bad actors
  • Understand methods being used to attack apps
  • Learn the differences in threats by operating system
  • Utilize bad actor data to lock account access and disabling app functionality
  • Know when application threats require app protection to be optimized

Case Study

Learn how real-time threat analytics helped thwart a serial app attacker and shut down continuous reverse engineering attacks. 

The Arxan Enterprise Solution

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Visibility & Intelligence

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Enterprise Customer Success

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