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Arxan for Gaming

Video and Mobile Game Security

Online gaming presents a massive revenue opportunity. Unfortunately, it also means a huge target for bad actors. To compound the matter, a majority of online gaming apps rely on a traditional security approach which offers little visibility into a game's security status once in the hands of users. Without proper video game security and mobile game security measures in place, these games can be reverse-engineered very easily.

Once gaming app code is exposed, hackers can pirate games, tamper with functionality and enable cheating or other fraud. The importance of proper video and mobile game security cannot be emphasized enough.

Extend the Life of Gaming Apps

Mobile: A New Epoch in Gaming

Mobile gaming constitutes half of all global gaming revenue, an increase of 10% from 2018 to 2019. Consumers are adopting mobile as the preferred device for media viewing, outpacing set top boxes by eight minutes daily. Phones are the new TV, and gaming apps are prime time entertainment.

Necessity of Mobile Code Security

Fueled by financial gain, insecure coding, and vulnerable software, attackers perceive the industry as lucrative and accessible. Gaming studios tasked to produce gaming apps secure against reverse-engineering and malware attacks begin securing app code at a binary level.

Protect Against Gaming App Reverse-Engineering

Without active threat data and understanding, the probability of exploitation of mobile gaming apps is heightened. Gaming studios with access to real-time attack data can close the feedback loop, empowering them to make informed security decisions, and respond in an agile manner in the event of an attack. Detection and response are key to deterring app attacks, as is maintaining a proactive state of readiness against bad actors. In addition, by taking gaming app security measures such as the following, app producers can further protect their apps.

  • Binary level code obfuscation to secure code functionality
  • Data and key obfuscation and encryption to protect critical data and keys
  • App integrity checks to verify code status
  • Proactive security with real-time threat data
  • Utilize threat data in development feedback loops and fix vulnerabilities quickly

Arxan protects apps for four of the top five gaming companies.

Develop & Test Mobile Games

Adopting secure coding practices for mobile game development including Static App Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic App Security Testing (DAST), Mobile App Security Testing (MAST), Interactive App Security Testing (IAST) and Penetration App Security Testing (Pen Testing) protects gaming apps from bad actors. All of these security testing measures can be applied without sacrificing performance or slowing time-to-market.

With the Apperian App Management platform or APIs, global gaming companies are managing the development of their mobile apps and the secure distribution of beta apps for user testing.

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